MGMaps - U.S. Map Screenshots

Download sites

You can download Mobile GMaps from the WAP page, but also from:

  • Handango, where you can also find many other useful mobile applications or games.
  • GetJar, another site with many Java mobile applications.
  • Phoload has MGMaps listed as one of their featured applications.
  • — the German magazine lists MGMaps on its download page and includes it in the list of best free tools for Windows-Mobile.
  • and their partner web sites.
  • Smartphone-Freeware includes Mobile GMaps in the list of free software for Windows-Mobile smartphones.

Mobile GMaps Reviews

Articles and News Items

  • Where am I? I'll ask my phone... The Register has an article about free mobile mapping solutions.
  • Engadget, one of the largest blogs, published an article just a few days after MGMaps was launched. From the article:
    "We like things that are free even more than we like things that relate to Google Maps, and when you put those two things together — man, that's some synergy. [...] It's the next best thing to actually cultivating an inner sense of direction."
  • Google Maps Mania lists MGMaps in the Mobile Viewing Applications section.
  • Softpedia has an article on Mobile GMaps (but they got it wrong, the size of the application is 35-150 kB depending on the version, not 478 kB as stated in the article).
  • includes MGMaps in their one-Java-program-a-day series of articles.


Do you know other sites that contain reviews or articles about Mobile GMaps? Let me know!